My baby is leaving!


Ok, so he isn’t leaving forEVER, but he IS leaving me for 5 days! He is obviously more excited than I. Our church has a Kids Kamp, and it’s about 2 hours south of us. Elijah always has a ball, and I know that technically he doesn’t even have TIME to miss me, but it still hurts a little bit when he tells me he barely even thinks about me while he’s gone. The one thing I love that the camp does is posts videos and pictures of the kids and the activities they do that day. I pour over them searching all the tiny, happy faces for the one I really care to see. I love seeing them swim, and do crafts, and even eat frozen pickles, but the videos and pictures I love the most are of their worship time. Something about seeing hundreds of young kids with their eyes closed, hands lifted, and praising God, can darn near can bring tears to my eyes.

I realize that Elijah isn’t going to need me always, I mean eventually he has to grow up(so they say), but when I actually see the proof of his maturing and becoming more independent, it makes me a little sad.  But right now, he still isn’t “too cool” to give me hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s” in front of his friends. He still wants to cuddle every now and again, and we can actually have somewhat grown up conversations with each other. If it was possible,  I’d bottle him up and keep him this age forever. Although, he’d probably be pretty uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure Child Services wouldn’t approve of those living conditions. Somehow I don’t think it’d be as comfortable as Jeannie’s was 😉


5 thoughts on “My baby is leaving!

  1. I completely understand. My 9 year old went to church camp for the first time this year. She was gone for five days as well. I was alright when I dropped her off but by the third day my husband had to talk me out of going to get her. The camp she was in allowed no electronics so we didn’t even get to talk with her. I had nightmare that she wanted to come home and she couldn’t. Of course, when we went to pick her up they were having a singing and she didn’t even look for me. I had to go tell her I was there. She was so in to what they were doing she never even missed me.
    On another note, my older daughter just signed up for college and is looking for an apartment. I may need medication to deal with this one. They are still our babies no matter how old they get.

    • It’s always a little sad when they don’t miss us back isn’t it? I’m glad I’m not to the college age yet- but I can see how that would be a medication induced situation. Good luck with that!! 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. My 2 year old went to go stay with Grandma for an entire week. That is the longest he has been away from home. He had a blast. We would call him every evening to talk to him and our conversations were very short. He was very happy playing with all of his cousins and enjoying the family time. We missed him like crazy. New follower here from MBS.

  3. Oh my, can I sympathize! Well, sort of – in my case, it was only dropping my son off for a weekend sleepover with his friend. I was certain he was going to have some life-threatening thing happen because I wasn’t there. Every day of the first day of school I went through it again and he loved his freedom each day, barely remembers to even kiss me goodbye by the time he’s 7. I think he was in 6th grade before I stopped crying on his “1st days.” 🙂 Their independence is such a blessing with a tiny bit of a painful curse for their moms who adore them and don’t want to let go quite yet.

    Lovely post. Ha, who cares about CPS? I’m a new email follower, I look forward to more from you.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed Barbara! You’re exactly right, it’s blessing mixed with a bit of pain when they become more independent. Thanks for the add (I’m following you as well now). Have a great day! ~Shel

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