Mommy, Can I have one? Pleeeeassse….


So, this is what I heard on vacation a few weeks ago, and I always know whatever “It” is that he wants it must be a good one if he calls me Mommy first. This particular time, it was a turtle. Cute teeny tiny little turtle. It came with an equally teeny tiny little plastic aquarium, and a couple of days’ worth of food. And a plastic palm tree, which was very realistic.

Squirt checking himself out in the reflection 🙂

I told him if he wanted this turtle, he would have to buy it from his own vacation money, and since it would be half of his funds, I thought that would detour him. It most certainly did not, and the guy running the shop decided to not only give him a discount, but throw an extra turtle in for free! They do better in pairs, he says. Oh joy! I was worried the little guys would be traumatized during the long drive back from South Carolina to Ohio, but they were little troopers 🙂 (Elijah named them Squirt and Dribble- very appropriate in my opinion) I decided to upgrade the tiny one gallon tank to a ten gallon tank, thinking that was a move up. That lasted for about 2 weeks. When I went to the pet store to purchase an algae eater for the tank, they told me they needed special lights, bigger tanks, and live fish to eat as treats. What?!? I certainly wasn’t expecting these little guys to cause me to break the bank. And break the bank I did- I bought them a 55 gallon tank (which should last a couple of years before I will have to upgrade to 150 gallons!) I bought them UV lights, heat lights and little minnows to snack on. These guys have it made! I still need to get something decorative to fill in the large empty space, but here is their newly upgraded home:

Turtle mansion (don’t mind the bright lights)

And the minnows we bought them to snack on? Still there, swimming around with them. Elijah is super excited that he now has two MORE pets 🙂

Making friends with the enemy 🙂

I have to admit- they are growing on me. A lot. Squirt will come to the tank and peek his head out of the water so we can pet his itty head, and I swear he knows 20 minutes before its feeding time and will just watch us until we feed them! I was told they could be up to a foot in diameter when full-grown, and these suckers can live up to 50-70 years! I certainly realize how dumb I am when it comes to aquatic animal care. After spending all the time and money to get this habitat just right, I’m hoping these guys make it for the long haul.  I most definitely will be more cautious in the future however, when I hear Elijah saying “Mom, can I have one?? Pleeeeassssse”


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