Homework Shwomework


When I got pregnant with Elijah, I was 21 and in my second semester of school. At the time, I was going for Child Psychology, and was contemplating switching to paralegal with the ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. Clearly, that never happened. Shortly after I had him, I got a job working for United Airlines, which I loved (for the most part). Elijah was about 5 was when I decided I needed to do SOMEthing with my life, so I went back to school. When I enrolled, it was for Paralegal. I then switched to Computer Networking, and after I realized how dumb I was when it came to computer language, switched AGAIN to Cyber Security and Computer Forensics.

At first I couldn’t have been happier. I loved going to classes, I loved knowing I was doing something positive, I even loved the homework for crying out loud. I was straight A’s all the time, and I knew I was going somewhere. I worked odd hours at the airport, and so classes were usually day, and straight from there, to work. I started getting resentful that I was getting this time taken away from my son. I KNEW I had to work so I could survive, but I started thinking I didn’t NEED to go to school. Once I started thinking this, I slowly started the downward spiral. Every now and again, I’d *gasp* skip a class. Then I started getting B’s. Then C’s. I started only doing the work required of me to pass the class with an OK grade. After a few semesters of this, I realized not only was I not learning anything long-term, but I hated going to school. Hated it. But I knew I couldn’t quit now, I was already in too deep. Which made me dislike it more- knowing I HAD to finish.

While I was finishing up my degree, the school started up a new program; Homeland Security Information Technology. It sounded interesting enough, and I only needed a few extra classes to double major. The core classes for that program were so interesting, and I started to really enjoy it again. When I was really close to graduating, I started looking for a job. And I realized an Associates wasn’t going to qualify me for much of anything. All I could think was I went to school for 6 years, had 2 Associates degrees, and still I wasn’t meeting the requirements for anything. Which meant I had to keep going. Onward to a Bachelors. Yippee.

By this time I was working at the school as a Student Worker, and had since been laid off from United. I was able to take classes for my Bachelors at the State College because of an agreement they had. Two semesters into my Bachelors (in Business Forensics because I know you were curious) God finally felt pity on me and one of my old Professor’s offered me a job at his company. I felt like a bad example quitting school, but I also didn’t want  my negative feelings about school rubbing off on Elijah, because I was having a hard time hiding them anymore.

Even though my job (hopefully my last and final!) isn’t totally in the field I graduated in, had I not gone to school and taken the classes I did, I wouldn’t have this job period. If I hadn’t been a student worker for as long as I was, I wouldn’t have gotten it either. All the baby steps I was painstakingly taking and for the most part hating, all got me to where I am now. At a job I love. I don’t wake up and think ‘Ugh, I don’t want to go to work’. I love the people I work with, I love what I do, and I’m so happy to be as lucky as I am to have found an awesome job with an amazing boss. But I still don’t ever want to do another homework assignment or take another class. Ever.


2 thoughts on “Homework Shwomework

  1. Excellent post. I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education in December 2011. No luck finding a teaching job yet but I am so thankful to have my bus driving job. I believe that God will send me where I am meant to be when I am meant to be there so I am just awaiting his time. Until then, I will be the best I can be at the job I have. I have two girls and I know how hard it can be to try to do it all. Don’ stress, it will happen when it’s supposed to. If you are interested in learning about saving money and living thrifty, feel free to check out my blog at http://www.thriftylivin.com.

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