Meanest Mom on the Block…


… and maybe even in the world. I’m okay with that title though- for now. When my son started asking me for a cell phone, I never even thought about saying yes. It was immediately no, end of conversation. According to him, I was the ONLY mom of all of his friends who wouldn’t let him have his own cell phone. Even though I could easily name five right off the bat who didn’t have one, I let him go with it. He does actually have one now- BUT, it’s prepaid, and he only uses it if I leave him home alone for any period of time. He isn’t allowed to use it to just text his hundreds of friends with cool moms who let them have phones though.

The next battle that brought my cool status down, was making him come inside at night. I was young once, I do remember what it was like to play outside in the summer until it was well past dark. And in summers past, I let him stay out pretty much as late as he wanted to play with his friends, because my job was flexible. However, mommy got a new grown-up job, and I have to wake up early. None of the other kids on the street have to wake up in the mornings- they either have a parent that stays home in the day, or are old enough to stay home alone, allowing them to sleep until whenever. Since Elijah has neither of those, he is required to wake up early with me, and go to day camp. That’s where the mean mommy comes back because I make him come inside early so 6am isn’t so wicked. And he’s the ONLY kid who has to come inside so early (well, that part is actually true).

Battle number three is video games. Specifically, Call of Duty. I won’t let Lijah play it period. Some of the games in the series are rated Teen, some Mature. Either way, he either of them, and therefore I won’t let him play. Of course, ALL of his friends are allowed to play, and he can’t believe I won’t let him. I’d rather not subject my kid to language and violence that I’m sure he’ll get his fill of later in life. I’d like to protect him for as long as I can, and the ratings on games are there for a reason. But in the meantime, I’m mean mommy.


4 thoughts on “Meanest Mom on the Block…

  1. My son is almost 11 as well and I would never let him play Call of Duty either. It is absolutely inappropriate for his age, the age ratings are there for a reason! I can be mean mommy right along beside you!

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