The Mud is Everywhere!


Yesterday it rained most of the afternoon. Which is fantastic because we are in dire need of some rain. But last night was football practice and even though it had stopped raining just prior to it starting, the fields were obviously wet. Very wet. Which meant that a couple hundred boys got a two-hour allowance to play in the mud- what young man wouldn’t love that??? I’m sure I probably wouldn’t let Elijah go outside and play in the mud for two hours at home… since I’m the mean mommy and all 🙂 Honestly, I’m surprised he was as clean as he was when it was all said and done:

I don’t know why- I love this photo

He’s all “I’m gross”

What a rear-view

His pretty white pants

The previous night it sprinkled a little bit during practice, and I didn’t bring anything to protect my seats. So I let his barely dirty self in my car, and the next day, I was so glad that I had leather seats! I had dried mud all over the passenger side and it made me flinch. It was barely noticeable, but because I bought a new car about a month and a half ago and it’s still in the “No foods or liquids” stage, dirt makes me shudder:

So last night I thought ahead (which doesn’t happen often) and brought a blanket to cover the seat and a towel to cover the floor. Crisis averted- car was kept clean, and Elijah had a ball playing in the mud for two hours. He was growling at me to stop taking his picture but I’m a mom, that’s what we do!

He’s so done with the whole picture-taking experience.


6 thoughts on “The Mud is Everywhere!

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