I Love Pictures


I love getting pictures. Anyone with kids knows the sweet anticipation of waiting to get back school,  sports or professional pictures back (do people still do that, or am I the only cheapo?). After Fall (and Spring- I’m a sucker like that) school pictures are taken, I’m good for like a week. At that point I start asking Elijah everyday if pictures came in yet. I’m like a 4-year-old in a car, asking every 10 minutes “Are we there yet?? Are we there YET?!?”. Always with a dejected “Awww- really?” when he tells me no.

This is how I feel when he tells me ‘No’. Only a little less furry.

Even though we are preparing to start that cycle again since school is newly in session, we are in the midst of another; Football pictures. And I am SO excited that tonight is the night we can pick them up. I mean is it a little bit ridiculous that I get so excited over something as simple as pictures of my child, whom I see everyday? Probably. But I can’t help it. I love ’em.

I would totally do this if I could jump that high off the ground.

So tonight is the night we can finally pick them up, and clearly, I’m anxious to see them. Because I know how impatient I can be, I took some of my own that day. My nephew, Gavin, is on the same team as Elijah (yay!) and he’ll grace you with his presence here as well:

Gavin (on the left) and Elijah (hamming it up as usual)

I really hope they stay close forever 🙂

As cute as they look in their uniforms, posing for a picture, I love taking candids as well. (I am by no means a professional, but like I said earlier, I’m a little obsessed with pictures) One of the things I love about Gavin and Elijah being on the same team, is how much they cheer each other. They were close before this, but I think them being on the same team is making the bond they share stronger. They can help each other, and will be able to celebrate the teams’ wins together. Yesterday my nephew came to practice with us, and after they had gathered all their stuff, I was getting my chair and monster purse together (that my sister has made fun of me a time or two for having there), and when I turned around this is what I saw:

Lijey helping G with his pads

I don’t know why I love this picture so much. Partly I think because with all their football gear on, they seem bigger and tougher than they are. But they still need help from someone. And I love that E and G are there to help each other.


8 thoughts on “I Love Pictures

  1. Your son is such a cutie! I am not a mom, but hope to be one day soon. But I can totally understand why you would be so excited for his pictures. Any mama would be! I am going to be the same. lol The last pic of him helping….so sweet! Happy Friday!

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