Tonight is the Night


Since Elijah is officially a football player now, he is discovering all sorts of ‘perks’, if you will, with this new status. He was most looking forward to being in the town’s Homecoming Parade. What little boy wouldn’t want to walk down the main street of town, wearing his jersey, walking with his buddies, AND wailing candy at the people on the sidelines? Personally, that’s my dream.

Warning: May be used as projectiles.

That was by far the most exciting thing for him this year. Finally making it to the parade. It’s like he hit the big time. Next stop- Hollywood!

The next thing that excited him was the fact he got to wear his jersey to school on the Friday before each game. I’m not gonna lie, he does look pretty cute in that jersey though 😉

Finally, he is looking forward to tonight. Tonight all the youth football players get to walk around the stadium at the high school game. Granted, they will walk the track like 40 minutes before the game starts, so really the only people watching are their own parents, but they are EXCITED. It’s possible the band might be out there to see them too, but I haven’t been to a high school football game in like 16 years- I forget all those details.

I may kid about his excitement with these things. But in all reality, he LOVES playing football. I’m pleasantly surprised that he enjoys it as much as he does. I think it’s great he wants to be involved in sports, and I am even beginning to enjoy the sport more. He used to want to go to Harvard and open his own video game design store. This was his dream about 6 months ago. His new dream? To go all the way


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