Smell My Arm


That’s what my son said to me last night after football practice. He was dead serious, but I was just a little grossed out by it. (Never trust a little boy who wants you to smell him- that’s usually never a good thing).

He thought it was funny I wouldn’t smell his arm. Seriously, he asked me like 12 times.

It was a practice that was much like this one, but dirtier. (This post should have been called “The Mud is Everywhere The Sequel: The Mud Fights Back.” But I thought “Smell my Arm” had a better ring to it ;)) It looked like the boys had a BLAST last night- I can’t lie, I’m a little jealous that they were playing in mud puddles and all. Every now and again, I think it’s fun to get down and dirty and act like a kid again. Last night would have been one of those times.

Sliding through the mud 🙂

If that’s not fun for them, I don’t know what is

My two favorite boys

He was very careful, and I don’t think one speck of mud got anywhere it wasn’t supposed to. But that’s probably because he had a blanket to sit on once he got in the car. Plus, he was almost nekkid in the parking lot before he got in. Besides the fact that it was fun, I think it was an important practice. It showed them a whole new side to playing football, and how different it was playing in the rain/mud. When you can barely walk without falling, it makes blocking, tackling and running that much harder.

Easy does it now…

Whoopsie- watch your step!

When it was over, obviously he was disgusting. He said the only thing he didn’t like about the practice was he kept getting mud in his mouth- other than that, he thought it was pretty awesome. He had a ball, learned something new- and you can’t ask for anything better than that!

Dirty, but so happy and handsome!


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