Chicken Bites



Elijah LOVES chicken nuggets. Until he was bored one day, googled it, and saw how they were made. Then he refused to eat them. Ever. He is a ridiculously picky eater, and I realize that’s my fault. I let him be picky when he was smaller, because sometimes it was just easier. And I regret it now. Big time. I’m trying to work on it now, and it’s a long process, and I hate it. In any case, I had been trying to get him to eat regular chicken for a while. And he never would. So after he saw how nuggets were made, I promised him I could make some really good ones, that were nothing but real chicken. And that would taste better than anything else he had out. This doesn’t even qualify as a ‘real’ recipe because I seriously use three ingredients. Plus, there is no home-made-ness here, just chicken and Kraft. And all I did was cut up the chicken breasts. But, because my son inhaled it, I shall share.

So NOT a fan of raw meat pictures, but it’s an all important step and ingredient so…

Pretty self-explanatory. Pour it in a bowl, dunk and dip!

Before baking

After. Mmmmmm

It really was as simple as cutting up the chicken, dunking them in milk (I was out of eggs) and then dipping and rolling in the seasoned mix. I pre-heated the oven to 400, and baked for 20 minutes. It was so easy, and unbelievably tasty. Elijah requested them every other day. He kind of enjoyed them.

Om Nom NOM

Mmmmm… Cheesin’ with a mouth full o’ chicken

So while this doesn’t qualify as recipe material, it does qualify as a meal that is quick, easy, delicious and so blog worthy! (Even Elijah is now saying to me “This should totally go on your blog mom” or “What’d you write about me today?’)


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