Catch a Kiss


Every morning on my way to work, I drop Elijah off at my sister’s house so he can catch the bus to school. In years past, I would just go into work right after the bus came. But the bus comes a little later than it used to, and with my real grown up job now, I don’t want to go in late. Because then I’d stay late. And it’s already a hot mess from the time I get home from work and we leave for football; I can’t imagine getting home any later than I already do. So my awesome sister lets me drop Elijah off there so that I can get to work by 8. When I drop him off, he has started doing something he hasn’t done in years. He turns as soon as he crosses over the threshold, but before he closes the door. He blows me a kiss, and I blow him one back. Then he catches it and puts it in his pocket for later. And of course while doing so he gives me the most dazzling smile. And it completely Melts. My. Heart.

I love that at almost 11 he still will do this. Whether or not he’d do it in front of his friends is another story. But he does it, and it’s amazing how much that one little action can stay with me all day long.


7 thoughts on “Catch a Kiss

  1. Hi shel, hopping in for the first time! Your son is so loving and you must be so proud to have him. My son still kisses me endlessly whenever he\’s leaving for school and whenever I come home from work. It\’s another story when he\’s with his friends, though.

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