Monkey Balls!


I totally stole this from my friend (thanks Kelly!) and it was too good not to share. I’m not sure if Monkey Balls is the ‘official’ name for them or not, but whatever they are called- they are delicious!

To start, this is what you’ll need:

This is all you need

Crush up the pack of cookies as best you can. I just shoved them in a baggie and used a rolling pin. The cream sticks to the sides, which makes it a little difficult to get out of the bag. What I should have done was flipped the bag inside out and scraped it off. Next time, it’ll be a little easier.

Crushed Oreo’s

It doesn’t matter that you get them totally broken down- the next step will pretty much cover any of the larger pieces you may have still.

Take the brick of softened cream cheese and add to bowl of crushed Oreo’s. This is where it gets a little messy. I used my hands and mashed it up, and mixed them together really well. After that it doesn’t look exceptionally appealing, but I promise- it gets better!

Roll into balls (I rolled mine too big I think- maybe inch size balls would have been better)

Once you have them rolled, melt the chocolate in the microwave. I didn’t use the entire package the first time through, and should have- I ran out half way through and had to melt more. When I split it up, I put it the microwave for a minute, stirred and then added 20 seconds and it was perfect.

Mmmm- melted chocolate

When I rolled them in chocolate I first did it the most awkward way possible. The second batch I dropped the balls in the chocolate and then used a spoon to cover them in chocolate and lift them out. Set them on wax paper or foil and let them harden. After they were hard enough to put together in a container, I set them in the fridge for a few hours- perfection!

It’s like a small piece of heaven in your mouth

I brought them into work today, and they were a big hit! I won’t tell you exactly what the guys said when they tried them, but I assure you they were very much enjoyed!


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