Me and My Seester


OK, I have to talk about my sister here for a minute. She and I have not always had the best relationship. In fact, growing up we didn’t really get along at all. She is four and half years older than me, which was just enough to keep us apart so to speak. This is us growing up

Really? No wonder we didn’t get along- ugh

I remember we had to do these pictures All. The. Time. I honestly don’t know how often we went(or WHY we had to go like every other day), but it seemed like we were always going. Sears, Penney’s, O’Neils (or something along those lines), Kmart, we were all over the place. I think it was more whoever had a coupon was were we going to go.  And go we went. We could probably make a flip book with all the pictures we took and watch us grow up in seconds. Maybe that’s why I hate pictures so much today. In any case, we didn’t really get along growing up. After she graduated high school, I was still in Middle school, which made the gap seem that much bigger. After I graduated high school, I moved to Chicago, thought I was big and bad, and didn’t get along with much of anyone from my family.

Once I had Elijah though, we started getting closer. And in the last two or three years, extremely close. Close like we talk everyday, see each other nearly everyday, and sometimes it still feels like it’s not enough. If we go a day without seeing each other I feel kinda lost. She is the ONLY person who I am not afraid to tell anything to. I know she won’t judge, and she’ll keep it to herself if I ask her to. No matter what I tell her. I’m so glad we have finally gotten to this point in our lives that we can be close like this- this is how I’ve always wanted it, but it never was.

This is my absolute favorite picture of us.

Sometimes it makes me sad that it took us 30 years to get to this point. But I think we are finally both at a point in our lives that we have matured, realize how important it is to have family, and to have someone you can always count on. Our boys are growing up close, which makes us both happy. They are one year apart, almost to the day (Elijah was born on the 29th of the month, my nephew the 26th). They go to the same school (finally), play football for the same team, ride the same bus, go to the same church- they are always together as well. They used to fight a lot more than they do now, so I’m glad they are getting along better.

I’m truly grateful for my sister, and don’t know what I’d do without her. And I wanted the entire blog world (or at least the few who read mine) to know. Love you TT 🙂


7 thoughts on “Me and My Seester

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  2. I know the feeling. My youngest sister and I are very close. She is in the hospital right now and it is killing me that I can not go until Friday, but my husband already took off last week for me to there. Nice to know there are other sisters out there with the same relationship!

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  4. How are you going to go and make me cry on a FRIDAY? Of all days, a FRIDAY?? Really? Thanks babe…I love you and am glad we are finally friends… ;OP MWA!

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