‘No Easy Day’


Recently there was a big stink over a book publication. And by big stink I mean the Pentagon, US Special Operations Command, Defense Department, and Navy members were upset about what was written. ‘No Easy Day’ was written under a pseudonym, Mark Owen. The authors real name has since been released, and is now widely known.  For those who haven’t heard of it, the book chronicles the operation from last year in which SEAL members ended the decade long hunt to find Osama bin Laden.  The government is debating taking legal action on the author for not having had the book reviewed properly before it was published, and having the possibly of classified and sensitive information out for all the world to see thereby compromising national security. In the beginning of the book, Mark claimed that he changed all names in the book, changed time-frames, and only used information that was available to the public. He also states that he hired a “former special operations attorney to review the manuscript to ensure that it was free from mention of forbidden topics and that it cannot be used by sophisticated enemies as a source of sensitive information to compromise or harm the United States.” The reason he wanted to write the book was because he was upset at the way the story was coming across to the public. It was incorrect and he wanted to set the story straight.

With all that being said, I wanted to give my two cents. Not on the controversy surrounding it, but on the actual story itself. There are enough opinions and accusations swirling around this that mine won’t matter. I’m not writing this to bash the author or say writing this was a terrible crime against the US, or anything like that.

I finished the book last night, and I literally can NOT stop thinking about it. I bought it shortly after it came out- I can’t lie, the big thing for me was BECAUSE it was so controversial, it made me want to read it more (which I think had that effect on a lot of readers). The type of genre I usually stick to are romance, comedy and any other combination of the two 🙂 I like to read books that will be quick easy reads, and don’t require too much out of me to follow along. This book had my attention from page one, and it was hard for me to put down. There were a few parts that were a little bit on the boring side, but for the most part it got better with every turn of the page. It starts with a background on him and all his SEAL training, and how he got to where he was. The second half of the book is the reason this guy sold any copies- we all want to know what went down the night they got bin Laden. He was very specific in his details and reading it, I felt like I was there (which is a scary thought). I was a lil sad when I got to the end because since it was over, I felt like I was missing out of what else was going on in his life. I felt invested. I felt compassion for him, and all the others in the book. I have always had respect for members of the armed forces, but after reading this, my respect grew exponentially. These people risk their lives each and everyday so that we can be free. And to them, it’s just their job. They don’t think themselves any better than anyone else, they are just doing the job they are meant to be doing.

Whether or not Mark violated the non-disclosure he signed upon joining the SEALS is a whole other story, and one that I don’t even care to get into. I want to stay out of the politics of it all, and just bask in the afterglow of reading a great book.


9 thoughts on “‘No Easy Day’

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  2. thanks for your review. I have a 12 year old son who is very interested in learning about all aspects of the military and has been reading books (age appropriate) on vietnam, army life etc. He mentioned wanting to read this book so Im wondering if you could tell me in your opinion if it would be ok for a 12 year old to read?

    • Hi Sarah! I’m not sure this is age-appropriate for a 12-year old. Granted, I may have different opinions than some, but I wouldn’t let my 11 year old son read it. There is some heavy language in there at parts- also there are a couple parts of graphic detailing killings. It’s a great book, but based on how comfortable you are with your son reading foul language and graphic killings, you may want to wait. Granted, it’s NOT full of foul language and blood and gore, but there are a few parts. I’m not a huge fan of reading this type of book- this was the first of this kind. You may want to skim through it first and see how you feel after the fact. You’d probably enjoy it too! 🙂 I hope this helped- I feel like I just rambled on for about 10 minutes of typing- lol.

      • no you didnt ramble at all! I appreciate all the info, he’s always been more on the “mature” side for his age..so while I dont allow him to watch graphic war movies or tv Im kind of on the fence about it being in print.. if it’s just a couple of mentions I think I’d be ok, I think I will read it first and then decide. A couple of swear words in a book dont bother me as much unless it’s very derogatory. I’ll be sure to post my feelings on it here after I read it as well. Thanks again.

  3. This was a wonderful book review. Because it makes you feel as though you’re there is the reason I probably will not read it. That, however, doesn’t diminish the highest respect I have for all who serve our country. I’m so grateful for their sacrifices and amazed by their (family included) heroics. God bless each and every one of them…give them peace in the midst of the madness that they encounter. They bless us tremendously and do us proud!! Thank you for being a part of the Getting To Know You hop! 😀

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