It’s the Little Things in Life…


This past weekend was quite a roller coaster of emotions for my little guy. He started out really excited because Saturday was his birthday, AND there was a football game that day as well. He already received his birthday present from me prior to his actual birthday day, so he didn’t receive an actual present Saturday. Kind of a bummer for him, and a little stupid on my part. Moving on to game time, he was pretty excited for that- he LOVES playing football (in case I hadn’t mentioned that before). Before this game, the boys were undefeated at 5-0. Sadly, they lost on Saturday. I have never seen so many crying little boys. They came off the field, and some of them were sobbing. I know it was ‘just a game’, but those boys were so upset and heartbroken, watching them you couldn’t help but feel for them. After the game, one of the kids on the team had a birthday party, and I was thinking what a sad party it would be. None of the boys were in a party mood at the field, which was less than an hour before party time. They eventually cheered up and had a fantastic time at the party. Sunday Elijah said he didn’t feel well most of the day and was pretty whiny and weepy, and Monday woke up feeling the same (belly ache, sore throat). I decided to keep him home, took him to the doctor, and my suspicions were confirmed- he had strep throat. He didn’t feel awful- his throat was a bit sore, and his tummy ache cleared up halfway through the day, but he was still sick. And any mom who has ever had a sick kid who didn’t feel sick, knows what a weird combination it can be. Anyways, he was up and down all weekend, and I think he cried more on Saturday and Sunday then he has in like the last 3 months combined.  He’s over the lost game, he’s got antibiotics so he’s feeling better and he knows he has a birthday party coming to him in the next few weeks. But what really made him happy?

My new 31 bag!

I have never been a huge 31 fan. Not that I didn’t like their stuff, but I never saw what the big idea was with it. Yes, the stuff was cute, but any of the stuff I liked was ridiculously expensive. Looking back, I had never been to an actual party before, which I’m sure was part of the problem. Who doesn’t like parties?? Once there I realized that they had some really cute stuff at reasonable prizes. My favorite was the Lil Expressions tote. Elijah said it looked just like us and asked if I gave them a picture to go off of. Bless his sweet little heart 🙂

How cute are we?

I love that a 31 bag can make him so happy. Honestly I think he just loves seeing anything that has to do with himself. I am glad that the little things in life can make him happy. Because when it comes down to it, the little stuff is all we have.


7 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things in Life…

  1. Kids are so sweet and can be cheered up so much more easily than we adults can usually! And you’re right, the little stuff is what really matters. I heard a saying once, “It’s the little things that make the world go ’round!”
    PS New follower! 🙂

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