Homework Woes


I used to watch Super Nanny on a regular basis. The part that always got to me was watching the people struggle with their kids while doing homework. I mean the kids would just sit there and cry and whine and throw these ridiculous type fits, and I didn’t understand it. How does it take a child an hour to do 10 math problems. How is this possible? And how is it affecting so many children across America? And why?? Well, well, well- seems overnight I have joined the thousands of families across the Nation who dread homework time. Elijah is in the fifth grade and all of a sudden has gone from the boy who almost loved doing his homework to the this wretched little boy who I don’t even know anymore.

This is my son now (This is the scariest picture I could stand. Most of the ‘devil’ pictures seriously freaked me out)

He is working on long division now (which don’t get me wrong is an awful thing to do- I hate Math right along with him) and it’s pulling teeth to get him to finish his work now (in a timely manner anyway). He had 10 problems to do last night- ten. Do you know it took him an almost an hour and a HALF to finish it? He’s all “Oh look this lead is coming out of the mechanical pencil- let’s see how many times I can pull it out and push it back in again” or “I wonder if I stare at the crack in the ceiling long enough if it’ll start moving” and “I wonder how long it’ll take me to tear a hole through this homework by writing over this same line again and again and again and…” But between that he’s all whiny like “I haaaaate doing this math” and “This math is soooooooooooooo hard” and “My life suuuuucksssssssss” like every 5 minutes. Now I know why parents call Super Nanny in- because if things don’t change they are liable to go absolutely insane. I’m trying so hard to be patient with him, and work with him, but it’s getting harder everyday. I literally want to rip out my hair or stick a fork in my eyes or ears so I don’t have to see and hear him complain anymore. (I totally understand if you’d like to stick a fork in your eyes right now so you don’t have to read me complain anymore *sigh*) I’m already close to getting to the end of my rope, and we still have SO MUCH MORE of the school year to get through. I don’t know what else to do to make this easier for him (and me). I thought maybe I should break it up for him, so he would do a few problems and then the rest later. But it’s usually 10 problems or less- is that really necessary? The hard part is keeping him focused through the duration of it. When he is able to, he gets through pretty quickly, but he is so easily distracted it kills me.

I know that I can NOT be the only parent dealing with this- so, how do you guys deal with difficult homework time? (Totally should have paid attention to Miss Jo Frost a little more, right?? Lol)


5 thoughts on “Homework Woes

  1. Have you tried having homework time at a different time of evening? I used to have my 1st grader (granted, his homework is not very difficult) finish homework as soon as he got home, but it was like pulling teeth. Now he plays for a bit while I fix dinner, and after dinner, we work on homework. I read at the table (tv off) while he works on his part. He gets playing out of his system, and his belly is full, and somehow he focuses better. Also, me being at the table and not preoccupied made a difference. Hopefully it gets better!

  2. You are hitting the hormone stage! My condolences. =) Honestly, it’s not as insane as you think it is to break up the 10 math problems. Some days are just overwhelming to preteens and they want to be lost in thought rather than long division. Not everyday will be like this, I promise.

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