Bad, bad, bad…


I am quite possibly, the worst. blogger. ever. Ever. It’s been nearly two weeks since I put up my post. (And I can’t even think of a title for this post. I got nothing) I can’t even believe how fast time has gone. Now that football is over, Elijah has taken up basketball- another first. The time devotion is considerably less than with football; practice is only three times a week (2 once games start) and they last an hour. Games last an hour. Even though we devote less time, I still enjoyed football more. I loved watching the practices, and the games. Basketball, I have never enjoyed. The squeaking of the shoes grates on my nerves, and I don’t understand what they are doing out there. I try to act interested for Elijah, but I’m really bored to tears at his practices. To. Tears. Maybe that’ll change once games start, but I don’t know…

On another note, I FINALLY had his birthday party for him; it was a smidge late (3 weeks) but it was still fun.  I had 10 10-year-old boys in my small house, and even though it was loud, and crazy, I’m pretty sure they all had fun 🙂 (More on that in another post)

In the last 4 weeks, Elijah was sick three separate times and missed 3.5 days of school. He had strep throat, then pink eye, and then the flu (about 1 week after he had the flu shot).

While I’m passing along all the bad things that I’ve helped contribute to (minus the being sick thing- that had nothing to do with me. I hate sick kids and would never anyone along with that)- The night we turned the clocks back, I went to bed at like 7:45. Actually, the clock said 8:45, but I know it was really like 7:45 since the clocks were being switched back. I felt a little guilty, but not so much to stay awake for one more minute. It was hard enough making it all the way to 8:45 if you ask me!

Life totally got away from me, and I failed to blog. I’m going to try to be better about that and I have several ideas for posts. I mean we were busy, and I have lots of pictures to share with the whole world. I was cooking, and trick-or-treating, and partying it up!


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