Meteors All Night Long and The Big Bang Theory


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 I love stars. I could sit and stare up at the night sky for hours on end. I don’t just think I could- I am speaking from experience. When I was younger, I used to want to be an astronomer- until I realized that you have to be good in Math and Science, and then it was just too much for me to handle. I’m the type of person who looks at the yearly forecast for meteor showers and events, and will program them in my calendar (with reminders) so I don’t forget to look. It seems to me that for at least the past two-years every time my calendar reminded me to go outside and look for meteors, it was cloudy. Or a ridiculously huge full moon. Or a ginormous snow storm. I think the last one here this summer it was in the middle of like two straight weeks of rain. But this one this week- oh this one was perfect environment to see them. Clearest sky I have ever seen. New moon, so none of that light to contend with. And last night there where actually two separate meteor showers happening, so I figured we were bound to see something! The two showers are Geminid which comes every December, and the second one is yet to be named. Elijah and I grabbed a couple of blankets and headed outside to sit on the front stoop last night at about 9:00. We saw several right from the get-go. We decided to head in between our house and the one next door for two reasons. 1.) To help block some of the neighbors’ lights, and 2.) It gave us a broader view of the sky. Best choice ever. The meteors were SO bright and so frequent, I thought Elijah was going to have a heart-attack he was so excited! This was the first time in his sweet little life he was able to actually see a ‘shooting star’. We stayed outside for quite some time watching them, and it was beautiful. Some shot across the whole length of the sky bright as could be , and some were fainter and had a shorter path.

This totally doesn't look like Elijah, but that was definitley the expression on his face last night! Image courtesy of photostock at

This totally doesn’t look like Elijah, but that was definitley the expression on his face last night! Image courtesy of photostock at

The longer we watched, the more amazed we were at God’s creation and it got us to talking about how the  ‘Big Bang Theory’ came into play (and I don’t mean the TV show lol). I understand that some people truly believe in that theory and people have different opinions on everything- that’s what makes us ‘us’. However, I don’t. I have never believed in it, and it doesn’t make sense to me. How can someone look at how perfectly the universe works together, and think that it happened because a finite piece of matter expanded, contracted, expanded, contracted, so on and so forth until the universe was created. That doesn’t answer my question of how did we get here, the many species of animals, and everything in between. The only thing that makes sense to me is God. A Higher Being had to of created it, and that Higher Being is God. While talking about this and about having Faith in God to give us what we ask for, he said he ‘thought he saw one over the neighbors house’ and we both looked and saw the most amazing meteor with a red tail on it streak across the sky. He said, “I believe that God put that one there like that.” I think he was right.

After we were finally able to pull ourselves away from the gorgeous show last, I told him that the shower was going to peak in a couple more hours, and there would be many more meteors at one time. He asked me to wake him up so we could go back outside and see them again. I had all intentions of actually setting my alarm for 2am, and waking him up *gasp!* on a school night to go back out and watch some more. But I didn’t- I woke up at 5:15, grabbed a comforter and headed back outside (without waking him up). I saw several more, but none nearly as bright, or clear as what we saw last night. The sky was beginning to lighten for morning and I saw more planes than anything. I figured I wanted him to remember the meteor shower as what he saw last night, not the weaker (though still very much beautiful!) ones this morning, so I let him sleep. But rest assured, we will be right back out there tonight, looking for more 🙂

Have any of you seen any meteors with this past shower??


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