Year of the Sickness

My sweet sick baby on one of his many sick days this year. I think this was his Thanksgiving one.

My sweet sick baby on one of his many sick days this year. I think this was his Thanksgiving one.

Elijah has been sick this year. I mean really sick. It’s only December and he has missed 7 days of school. 7! He usually has strep and maybe the flu once a year, and that’s averages 2 days missed. For the year. This year he’s missed 2 days for pink eye, 2 days for strep, and one day for the flu. And that was all in a three-week span. This week he missed 2 days. He had a bad case of tonsillitis and an upper respiratory infection over Thanksgiving as well. No school was missed then, but he was sick as a dog on Thanksgiving day. I’m seriously waiting for CPS to come knocking on my door and asking what the heck is wrong with my kid, and why is he always missing school?!? Clearly he needs to be on some sort of vitamins or something- I can’t remember the last time he was sick so frequently. I don’t think he ever has been. The only other time he missed so much school was when he was in kindergarten and had some nasty virus that gave him a raging (and scary high!)  fever for 5 awful days.

Thankfully I have an awesome job that allows me to take off when needed. The only down side is I don’t have sick time, vacation time or PTO earned yet. So when I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Right in the middle of him getting sick nearly every week, I got the flu- another day off work. Another day not getting paid. I have the option to work from home while I am there- but when I’m home with a sick child, that’s the last thing I want to do. He’s usually wanting me to be right there with him, and how can I say no when he looks so miserable? On a positive note- the two-week span where I missed like 3 or 4 days on my pay schedule, I was offered PTO to make up the time (because it was a lot lost. And boy was I stressed about that). Because my job is awesome they gave it to me to show their appreciation for me, and I was floored. I’ve never had a job where they not only appreciate and tell me, but actually show the appreciation they felt for me. Just another reason I love working where I do. Love.

I’m hoping that he is done for the year. And by year I mean school year, not 2012 year. I keep telling him he has already met his quota for sicknesses this year and he needs to hold off until next year. I can’t figure it out though. He’s never been a ‘sickly’ child, like I said once, maybe twice a year sick. But this year, he’s gotten everything I think he can. I know I should thankful I have a child who isn’t terminally ill,  and who is for the most part, a healthy happy child. And I am, I really am. These little sicknesses he gets are piddly compared to what other people have to deal with on a daily basis, and I fully understand that. I just wish I knew why he continues to get sick one right after the other. Could it be because this year he is in sports and his body is getting run down? I try to get him to bed at a decent hour, but with homework and sports  that’s not always an option. I’m thinking I need to incorporate more vitamins in his diet. Do any of you have any tips to offer, or home remedies or herbs you give your child/family to try to keep them healthy? I’m at my wit’s end here, and don’t know what else to do!

Image courtesy of Now and Zen Photography at

Image courtesy of Now and Zen Photography at


2 thoughts on “Year of the Sickness

  1. That’s no fun being sick. A few of my cousin’s kids are sick too. One of my kids has been out sick four times already I think. But, I guess when they are sick it just means it has to run it’s course and they need that down time. I can remember one year when my boys were little, I had strep throat about five times in a row and couldn’t shake it. That was the absolute worst year. It was absolutely the most sore it ever has been, not even soup felt good.

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