An Old Forgotten Post- Halloween


I was going through some old drafts I had written, and was deleting most of them. This one, though almost two months late, is still too cute not to put up! 🙂 Elijah’s costume this year was a tough one. He wanted to be the bleeding scream guy. Not only did that gross me out (I hate blood), but I just didn’t want that mask in my house (it’s gross and not gonna lie- freaks me out a little bit. And it’s gross.). So I started throwing out all these options for him to think about being instead. He finally decided he wanted to be Troy Polamalu (he loves the Steelers). So this was his final costume on Halloween day:

I mean, I might be a little bit partial, but how cute is he? (I only wished I had a bottle of Head and Shoulders for him to carry around too!) He went trick or treating with my nephew and a mutual friend of theirs. We had a Wrestler (G would be upset I can’t remember the name- but I do know he wore a sock on his arm), Polamalu and a Nerd. And might I add, they were all studs. In years past, my sister and I would walk over to the neighborhood behind us (since mine has like 3 streets, and like 4 houses that even participate) and trick or treat back there with the boys. This year since it rained for a week before and after Halloween, we drove it. It was cold and we let the boys get in when they wanted to get warm or out of the rain. We (as in me and my seester) were feeling a little ‘tricky’ ourselves I suppose.

Yeah- we totally made them chase the car. It was HIGH-larious!! Seriously. Funny. Schtuff.

The boys thought it was pretty funny (obviously- you can clearly tell that from the picture. They were as hysterical as we were. And also the other grownups around us taking their crumb-crushers out and about). They got lots of candy and had fun doing it. And the candy he generally doesn’t like, I do. And vice versa. So win-win for everybody.


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