You Can Find Me Here…

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

One thing I love about WordPress is that it shows you the searches people put in the search engines to find your blog. Some of them I can understand, like when people type in ‘sausage cups‘ or ‘jalapeno popper dip‘ or ‘No Easy Day Parent Review‘. But sometimes, I am truly baffled as to how people have arrived here with search terms used. For instance how about ‘how to get rid moms incessant chattering’ (just so we’re clear, I offer NO tips on how to ‘get rid’ of anyone here) or ‘rock welcome mats’ (I’ve never once mentioned one of those here). Here are a few of my favorite searches:

-‘dirty single moms’ (I don’t think I’m dirty on this blog…lol. Also, there was more than search on that to bring them to my blog)

-‘im socially inept’ (I really am, so they came to the right place)

-‘tips for socially awkward job seekers’ (find a rich, handsome, old man?)

-‘practical tips to simplify and organize your home new york’ (I don’t do much organizing, and certainly not in New York)

-‘why do deadbeat dads try to get into children’s good graces’ (This I understand, and I just like the wording)

-‘single mum exercise weekends oxford’ (I don’t usually exercise on purpose, and not in Oxford)

-‘i’m single because im awkward’ (That’s probably a good reason why I’m single. Wish I knew who my fellow awkward singleton was *sigh*)

-‘i sniff my arm’ (Seriously?? This is weird. Are there people out there who are having such issues with arm sniffing that they need to Google it???)

Seems like the most searches done to bring people to my blog are for brown sugar body scrub– I hope that someone was able to make it and enjoy the scrub as much as we have! I love that stuff 🙂

What are some of the oddest searches people have typed in to reach your blog?


4 thoughts on “You Can Find Me Here…

  1. So dirty inept socially awkward physically fit arm sniffers
    are searching for a like-minded person in hopes that they can
    provide them with validation and/or companionship? I feel you
    should be honored to be considered such a versatile blogger. 😉
    Found you through Bloggy Moms. Happy New Year!

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