Please excuse me while I exit reality for a minute…


I love to watch movies. Love. IN fact, the cornier and cheesier the better. I tend to have a pretty boring life, so I enjoy living vicariously through the folks on the big screen. I go to work, I drive Elijah from place A to place B, and I go to church. Sometimes I get together with friends, but mostly I don’t. My life revolves around doing things for my son, and so therefore my life is boring. So I love to watch movies that can bring me out of my boring life, and bring some excitement into it, even if it is vicariously. Last night Elijah and I watched Jack Frost. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s about a man who dies on Christmas, comes back as a snowman a year later for a few days, and then leaves again. It’s an older movie, and I love watching it. I don’t remember crying as much in previous years as I did last night watching it, but I do remember a few shed tears. At the very end there is this large talking snowman, and as he’s preparing to leave to go back to wherever it is he came from, he’s surrounded by swirling snow and lights, and then the image of the father (as a human) appears. While this is going on, the son and wife are standing there watching, arms around each other, smiling as if they were just told a cute joke. I believe the older I get, the more cynical I am becoming, especially when it comes to movies. No one in the neighborhood sees a giant walking talking snowman and thinks that’s odd?

Romantic comedies are my favorite type of movie to watch. I especially love the ones that come out at Christmas time. I haven’t really decided yet WHY I enjoy them so much. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been single for so long, or what. But even as much as I love them, I can’t stop ridiculing them in my head in the same breath I’m ‘ooh-ing and aah-ing’ over them.  Do these women actually think that in a two-week time span, they can meet man, break up with their boyfriend or fiancé (or wait for said new man to break up with theirs), fall hopelessly in love (sometimes while still with previous boyfriend or fiancé), and decide that they want to marry this new person. There is always a conflict that will take place separating them for a few days or more. But in the end they always get together and live happily ever after. The End.

I believe in love. I believe in spirits and  ghosts. However, I don’t believe that thousands of women across the world are falling in love with someone they met two days ago (well, that could be possible I suppose) Or that little boys are playing hockey and sled riding with their father whose spirit is inside a snowman on a regular.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

I can’t decide if it’s these types of so far out of reality movies that have made me more cynical, or if it’s the fact that each year I get older and am still single makes me more cynical. I’m a daydreamer by nature, I love to get lost in my head with thoughts of things that often times, I know will never happen. Ever. I’m not really sure why in the last few years movies have really started to bother me in this way. I get that they are movies- they are just random forms of entertainment. I have a hard time enjoying the entertainment factor when all I can hear from the back of my brain is “THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN!”. I don’t know what part of my brain is broken that can’t allow me to just enjoy it, and smile along like the rest of the world. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never had a successful relationship? Or despite the fact I really do want a relationship, I’m scared to try at the same time? All I know is, good movie or not, it can easily be ruined in my mind by being too unrealistic.


2 thoughts on “Please excuse me while I exit reality for a minute…

  1. This post really amused me – I also love movies that I know
    are ridiculous. My best friend is a screenwriter and can’t
    understand why I’m so willing to watch lowbrow rubbish. I
    personally can appreciate the art or the gritty reality in a movie
    like the deer hunter or city of god or whatever but – hold on –
    aren’t I watching a movie to escape from real life? Why would I
    want to escape it to something depressing/scary/upsetting?

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