Peanut Butter, Honey, Oatmeal Bars


I’m on a diet. No, scratch that. I’m working on a lifestyle change. I realize that I am overweight, and am working to change that. That part that makes that difficult is that I love food! So ‘diets’ don’t work for me. I’ve gotten back into My Fitness Pal, and have started working out almost everyday. It’s amazing how just writing down everything you want to stuff in your pie hole can change the way you eat. I found these snacks out on the interwebz, and made them this weekend. Love them. Love. I like that they are ridiculously easy to make, and they taste fabulous. Three ingredients, and in 4 minutes, you’re done. (I’m not really sure who to credit for this recipe because I was looking at so many Saturday, and I honestly couldn’t tell ya which one I went with, so I apologize for that). Here is what you’ll need:

1 cup of peanut butter (I used Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter)
1 cup honey
3 cups oats

Put peanut butter and honey in pot over low heat to soften. Stir until completely mixed together. Add oats, and stir until well blended. Do not cook- the process is just to soften the honey and peanut butter to allow for easy mixing. Once mixed press into 9×9 pan.


Allow to cool completely and cut into 16 equal sized bars.


I only had a small amount of honey on hand, so I used 1/3 cup of pb, 1/3 cup of honey, and 1 cup oats. I used a bread sized pan, and cut into 8 squares. When I figured out the calories, it came to 143 per bar for the amount that I made, and cut into 8 squares. Not bad for a quick and filling snack.


They are a little soft, so I would recommend putting them in the fridge once cut to firm them up a bit. I was fine with the firmness of them, but if you want to pack them in lunches, it may be wise to do!

I actually made another batch last night; 1 cup creamy Jif, 1 cup o’ honey, and 3 cups o’ oats. I used a small scoop, and made 23 equal sized ‘balls’ . Each one came to 147 calories. (I didn’t figure out anything else, so for that I apologize). Also, I put them in the fridge overnight and had one for breakfast. Perfection.

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