It’s Kind of a Big Deal…


Wearing his smart hat 🙂

I recently received this letter in the mail from Elijah’s principle:

“Congratulations! Your child, Elijah, has been selected as a Classroom Student of the month. He has displayed a thorough understanding of what it means to be a Lake leader: quality performance in the classroom, positive role model, and demonstrated responsibility for personal learning.

‘Mrs. B (his home room teacher): Eli is a super sweet boy that always brings life to our classroom. He is a kind boy that is a great asset to our team.’ “

Now, obviously, I’m one proud mama here. Each child gets to be the “Student of the Week” at one point during each school year. But Student of the Month is something he has never gotten before. He has always wanted, but never received. And I’m super proud of him.

When I read the letter to him, he was a little taken back when I said his teacher had said he was ‘an asset’. At first he was offended until I explained to him that is was actually a good thing, and not anything close to what he thought it meant.

At the beginning of the school year, his grades were ok, not anything to write home about. He has always been a Straight A student, and the first nine weeks, he had a couple ‘C’s’ on his report card. I wasn’t necessarily upset with him, but I explained that he actually had to start trying harder now. He was getting older and classes were getting more difficult. He actually had to study now at night, and try harder in classes. Now, he has managed to pull all of his grades back up to A’s, with one B still hanging in there. In any case, he is now trying harder, and it’s showing. And I couldn’t be more proud of him (in case you couldn’t tell).


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