Computer Problems…??

This is how I feel!

This is how I feel!

Ok, it’s been a while since I posted here, but I’ve been so crazy busy, I just haven’t had the time! Luckily I was contacted by someone from this site with a guest post, and so now he has saved the day and let me have some content 🙂 I don’t know many people who don’t have computers. And especially all us bloggers, we are on our computers more than we aren’t (or am I the only one?). This post has some GREAT tips on maintaining your computer, and to keep it running smoothly all the time. On his site, there is a wealth of information that will help you to rid your computer of any viruses you may have, and how to prevent any future infections. I know it has helped me when I was infected a couple of times. Now, without further ado, here is my first official guest post, from John:


Preventative Maintenance for your Computer

We all know to have the oil changed in our car but what do we do to keep our computer running like new?  I will be discussing a few things you can do to keep your computing experience pleasant and some great free programs you can use to keep it running smoothly.

First let’s discuss making your computer time more enjoyable.  Most of us spend a good deal of money on our monitor, more memory and even CPU upgrades but the things we use to actually interact with the computer go unnoticed and neglected.  When was the last time you got as new keyboard or mouse?  The new keyboards have many great features like programmable buttons, headphone and USB jacks on them to make it easy to use devices like iPods and they are more comfortable than ever.  What about your mouse?  Is it all sticky and nasty on the bottom?  New mice are smoother due to Teflon pads on the bottom, they fit your hand better to reduce hand strain and they are twice as fast as they used to be meaning you don’t have to move the mouse as far on the desk to move it across your screen.  Less movement means less strain.  You can get a new keyboard and mouse for well under a hundred dollars and it will make your computer time more enjoyable for several years.  You can find some great keyboard deals at my site mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Now let’s talk about some free goodies you should get to keep your computer running smoothly.  The first one is antivirus.  If you don’t have one yet, you can download Avast from my website mentioned below.  Avast is a very good free antivirus program available to home users and is just as good as what you would buy in the store.  It is free to home users in the hopes they like it and recommend the commercial version to their businesses.  Once you have an antivirus program, make sure to keep it updated and run a manual virus scan at least once a week.

The antivirus program will miss some things so it needs a partner.  There is a free product made specifically to find the things the antivirus programs don’t, it is called MalwareBytes.  If you don’t have it yet, download and install it.  It works great against the newest forms of ransomware like the FBI virus and the “you have 18 viruses” pop-up malware.

You also need to keep the windows registry clean.  The registry is like the table of contents for windows and it directs windows to everything on the computer.  If it gets messed up, windows has trouble finding things.  There is a free program called CCleaner that works very well and is perfectly safe.  It will find all the entries left over from programs that you uninstalled and fix any broken entries.

Once you have all these programs up and running, it is time to defrag your hard drive.  Your hard drive is like an old record player.  It has a disk that spins and an arm that moves across the disk to read the information.  As you add more content to files or update programs, the information gets spread across the entire disk.  This means in order to run that program the entire disk has to be accessed.  A defrag puts all the files together so only one spot on the disk has to be looked at to run the file.  You do this by clicking on “My Computer” and then finding your hard drive.  It should be listed as “local disk”.  Now right-click on it and select “properties” at the bottom of the list.  Now on the tab of the newest window click on “tools” and then look down and click on the defrag box.

You should set up some kind of schedule for computer maintenance.  Personally, I like to run a full scan with my antivirus program and my MalwareBytes program before I go to bed on Monday nights.  I just start both scans, turn off my monitor and go to bed.  The scans will run and later my computer will go into sleep mode to save power.  On Tuesday morning I wake up and shut my computer off.  I run CCleaner once a month and I defrag my hard drive twice a year, January 1st and July 4th which are easy dates to remember.

I hope this helps you get more enjoyment out of your computer time and helps keep your computer running smoothly. For more computer KEYBOARD information, stop by my Best Gaming Keyboard page. There are several keyboard shortcuts and tricks as well as some great deals on some of the coolest keyboards. I also have a Free Virus Scan page with information to help you remove any computer viruses you may have and links to the best free virus removal programs including Malwarebytes and CCleaner that I mentioned above.


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