Taco Pizza

Mmmm- pizza. Mmmmm- taco's.

Mmmm- pizza. Mmmmm- taco’s.

My son’s favorite thing to eat is pizza (shocking to anyone who knows him). He can seriously pack it away. A really close second is tacos. Again- a beast at eating them. I fear for my grocery budget when he becomes a teenager if this is how he eats as an 11-year-old. As much as he is willing to eat the same thing day in and day out, I am not. We usually have pizza and tacos once a week. And hamburgers are his third favorite meal in our house (I can’t lie- I think I make killer burgers). The other day a gal at work brought in a magazine and on the cover was a taco pizza- seriously, why did I not think of that??? So that night for dinner, I made up the taco meat as usual (using this homemade taco seasoning of course), and we had taco pizza. Anyone who knows Elijah knows that no matter how much he may like all the ingredients in a meal, if he’s never had it before all combined, he likely will say he doesn’t like so he doesn’t have to. I made the taco pizza and it was a huge hit. His was really plain- just meat and cheese. I added onions and tomatoes to mine as well, and would have added more had I had the ingredients. Next time I will definitely be planning ahead.

photo (21)

Apparently when I made mine, I was afraid to put any toppings on the bottom left corner there. I’m not sure what happened there. That section of the crust must have some sort of aversion to meat and cheese? It was delicious all the same. Also, Elijah was curious as to why I didn’t want to take any pictures of his pizza, and I said that it was because no one wanted to see a pizza with just meat and cheese 🙂

What I should have done, but didn’t, was to take a picture of this AFTER I cut it and put the good stuff on there. Unfortunately we were out of lettuce, but I put a smidgen of Ken’s Ranch Dressing on the top, and then some hot sauce. It was To. Die. For. I had leftovers for two days, and was really bummed when it was gone. In fact, I think I know what we’re having for dinner tonight… 


4 thoughts on “Taco Pizza

  1. mmm, I have a recipe that calls for pie crust on the bottom. You add all your goodies in the center and then fold the edges in and bake it. It’s amazing. We love tacos and pizza around here too!

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