I’m a Dirty Single Mom…

Seriously. I am.

Seriously. I am.

At least according to Google I am. I’m number two actually on the search page for “talk to dirty single moms”. I know that because I have visitors coming to my page after searching that exact term, so I researched it a little bit. Who knew that I could hit the front page of Google for anything, let alone for being dirty. (I actually feel a little dirty now, just reading all the other links on the results page. And a little bit dumber.) I can’t help feeling a little sorry for these people searching for “dirty single mom” and they then click on my blog- they must be gravely disappointed. They come upon my page and see recipes, how much I love my family, all sorts of stuff about my son- but nothing about being dirty. (Except for that one time I talked about how disgusting Elijah got at football. That was actual dirt though, like from the earth. I don’t think it’s the same kind of dirt these people are looking for).  I try to keep my page as family friendly as possible; I’d like to have no qualms about Elijah reading these some day, which I’m sure he will. I wouldn’t say anything on here I wouldn’t say to my dad (mostly because he has me bookmarked on his bookmarks bar, and could read it all anyways), or to someone at church (because they read it too!). I don’t ever want to write something, and then regret it down the road, or fear that someone might read it and think poorly of me, or use that information against me. Or worse, tell my dad on me 😉




10 thoughts on “I’m a Dirty Single Mom…

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