Young Padawan…

The To-Do-List

The To-Do-List

I have said on here more times than I can count how much I love my job. And here is just another reason why I do. This week is Spring Week for Lijey. He has an appointment to an ENT since he hasn’t been able to hear out of his left ear since his ear infection 5 weeks ago. So rather than take a whole day off for that appointment, I’m taking a half day today and bringing Elijah to work with me. And boy is he excited. And he’s going to be even more excited when I show him the To-Do list my boss has made for him. Working with a bunch of guys  means a fun time for him. He’s already met most of them at an event last week, and when he met my boss (who’s younger than me just for the record) he was shocked he wasn’t an old man! I’m not sure why he thought he was, but he’s relieved he’s a ‘cool guy’. And after seeing this list, he’s going to like him even more. (I totally googled what ‘young padawan’ meant because I’m uncool like that. I should maybe forewarn him that it’s from Star Wars so he’s got a little bit of a clue come the morning). And I guarantee that ‘taking abuse’ will be his favorite thing on the list (he’s like his mama- he likes taking it just as much as he loves giving it!)

I know that taking your child to work with you may not be the most ideal of situations. However, sometimes there aren’t a whole lot of options. And as hesitant as I was asking my boss if I could bring him in for a few hours, he immediately put me as ease about it. And then I come in and see this makeshift list of things to keep him busy- makes me feel even better. This is reason #267 of why I love my job.

As a side note, I wrote the above post yesterday. And now, as of 8:19 this morning, there have been two Nerf gun wars at work. Initiated by my boss. It’s tough working here 🙂

Hey free labor :)

Hey free labor 🙂



6 thoughts on “Young Padawan…

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  2. Um, you need to watch the Star Wars movies with him, stat! 🙂 Or come over here and we’ll do a marathon with our boys some weekend!

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