This picture has nothing to do with the post, but ohmygosh is he so cute ;)

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but ohmygosh is he so cute 😉 Who doesn’t look cute with pants on their head??

As I’ve mentioned on here before, Elijah has gotten sick more times this year than I can count. He has missed 12 days of school, as well as being pretty sick on Thanksgiving and the beginning of Spring Break. He’s had strep once, tonsillitis twice, a major sinus infection, the flu (x 2), pink eye and an ear infection(which was the only thing he didn’t miss school for). On a normal, healthy day for him, his tonsils are huge. They look more like small golf balls than tonsils. The first reaction of anyone who looks inside his mouth is usually “Whoa!”. He snores like a man and breathes loudly through his mouth. Every year he gets strep at least once. I had talked to his doctor about Elijah’s tonsils being removed. His answer was no. Just no. Tonsils protect the body from getting sick and he needs them. I can certainly understand his point of view. But from my point of view my son is always sick and almost always on ‘the pink stuff’ (Amoxicillin). THAT can’t be healthy either. So after his ear infection more than a month ago, he has been unable to hear completely out of his left ear, and his doctor sent us to an ENT to check it out. I decided while we were there to suck some extra information out of him about his tonsils, even though that’s not why we were there in the first place. Because of his issues (especially the loud snoring and mouth breathing), that doctor thinks he’d be a good candidate for a T&A, which I can’t lie, I’m a little relieved about. We are holding off until the summer because I don’t want him to miss anymore school, but I’m hoping that this will help to reduce some of the sickness that seems to follow him around. It’s not good for him to be sick all the time, and I just can’t keep missing work left and right. My bank account is really suffering from all the missed days. (Although they are really good about allowing me the time off I need, which certainly helps!)


8 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Ayden had a T & A last June…adenoids were huge. Prior to, he had a hard time breathing & was off & on the “pink stuff” for strep. Thankfully, this took care of the issues & he was a real trooper with the surgery. He never complained of pain; however, I did have a hard time getting him to eat or drink. I stocked up on all kinds of popsicles & ice cream and he probably ate less than 5 popsicles the whole time! He was doing pretty good by the end of the first week, but I made him stay home & relax for the full 2 weeks that the Dr. recommended. Hope it helps Elijah!!!

    • Thanks for the input Beckie! What a little stinker to not eat the Popsicles… Lol. But what a tough guy to not complain of pain- I’m pretty sure I would, at least once. Maybe twice 🙂

  2. Hey Shel! Be sure to let Elijah know that I had a T & A when I was 5. He soon will be members of a super exclusive club! (we have secret meetings, and passwords and everything)

    • Alex! 🙂 I’ll make sure and let him know- he’s gonna want to come to those meetings ya know? I’ll have ’em at my house. I have my tonsils so I can’t participate, but I can sure make some killer coffee! 🙂

  3. RJ had that gone in August, really large tonsils. I have noticed that he is not as sick as he was. I think it’s a good idea. He will be sore though. The first 10 days or so after the surgery.

    • I remember when RJ had that done- I think it’s harder on adults than kids (not that it won’t be hard on him, though!) I just really hope this helps him with getting sick- and also with the snoring. It’s ridiculous lol

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