My Most Prized Possession


Today’s Daily Post is: “Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?” 

Anyone who knows me well, knows what that would be. And that’s my teddy bear, Pookie.



He is as old and ragged as he looks. This picture is really poor quality, but bear with me (haha- see what I did there?), that’s all I have, mmkay? I left my cell phone at home today, and I actually have one on there of him. Don’t ask.

Little background on The Pookster- I was born in Alaska. While we were there, my dad got two of these pot-bellied bears for my sister and I. When I was in Kindergarten I wanted to take this bear to school for show-and-tell because I LOVED the bear. I wanted to BE the bear. Rather than take mine, I took my sisters because I didn’t want anything to happen to mine. I remember taking it outside for recess, setting it up against a tree and leaving it there. I remembered later at some point, and it was gone. GONE! I had to give mine to her since I had gone and gotten hers abducted. I do remember thinking the punishment was a bit harsh, but I relinquished the bear to her. I’m pretty sure a little piece of me died that day.

After we moved in with my dad (I was about 12), my sister and I were going through some boxes and in hers was Pookie! If memory serves, I think I had to do a little coaxing in order for her to let me have him. But, she IS the best seester ever- and she gave him back! Let me tell you how happy she made me that day 🙂 From that day forward, he has been on my bed at all times. He’s even taken a few vacations with me. A little bit sad, but true. His head actually had to be sown back on, and he’s had a few other operations. He’s actually due for another, but he’s getting a little old, and I’m not sure how he’d pull through yet another surgery.

Clearly, I am still incredibly attached to him today. I sleep with him in the crook of my arm just so every night. He’s probably a big reason why I am still single. Well, maybe not big, but I bet he probably has something to do with it. He actually doesn’t have anything to do with it. He’s a teddy bear, so that’d be weird. Geez.

I found this picture on WikiCommons. Credit goes to Mike Richey. He has a striking resemblance to Pookie. And the picture has much better clarity as well. You can see clearly the ears I rub until I fall asleep, and that have heard all my secrets and sorrows. The eyes that I swear could see right into my soul. And the smile that shows he loves me, no matter what. Actually, Pookie’s smile has all but fallen off. The yarn has given way, and it’s more of a stern, sometimes sad smile, but I’m sure his heart is still smiling.

Close-up of a teddy bear

I know I can’t be the only one with a weird attachment to an animal filled with fluff. Do any of you have something that you should have given up, but haven’t?



13 thoughts on “My Most Prized Possession

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  5. OMG. I have that exact same bear. His name is Cuddles. Cuddles slept with me every night until I got married at 19. Then I had my husband!!! However cuddles sits next to my bed to this day under my alarm clock. I’ve slept with him twice since the day I got married. Once when my PapPap died in 1996 and once again when my DAD died in 2002. He brought me comfort. I always know he’s there if I need him.

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  7. mine was a blanket that was made by a grandma in the church when I was a little girl. My family never lived close so I adopted other grandmas and Grandma Storm made me a blanket and I had it until about 5 years ago and Ricky convinced me that I could get rid of it. I DID! but have regretted the decision. It was a patchwork quilt and some of the patches were falling apart. It was about 40 years old when I was encouraged to let it go. Still wish I had it. I could have put it away and protected it! I understand how you feel. Keep him. Lijah can put it in the coffin with you and you can take it to heaven with you! LOL

    • Haha- that’s probably what will end up happening with him 😉 Shame on Ricky for convincing you to get rid of it! I don’t think most men have that same sentimental area in their heart that most women do- so they just don’t understand. The older and more ragged it is, the more love it has endured 🙂

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