The Easter Alligator…

Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator...

(Photo credit: Arthur Chapman)

Ok, you got me. There is no such thing as an Easter Alligator. But there is someone out there who thinks there is, or is at least spreading the message that there is. While I was talking to my sister over the weekend, I found out a few things that were new to me (yet I’m not sure why I was so surprised). There is someone who used to be close to the family, who no longer is, and I didn’t realize was like really prejudiced. And by really prejudice I mean used to tell my nephew that he shouldn’t take baths with Elijah because he would ‘get dirty’. Or took someone out hunting for the ‘Easter Alligator’. Who eats black people. Or told my nephew that I was a ‘mud-shark’, which apparently is a white girl who likes black men. Being called names doesn’t really upset me, because frankly I’ve been called worse, and I’m sure I’ll be called worse again. What upsets me is this is what’s wrong with the world today. Kids are innocent and generally like everybody. When an influential person starts telling kids they will ‘get dirty’ if they share bath water with a black kid, or sharing names and stories with him about black people and ‘the white girls who love them’, all they are doing is spreading the hate. While my mom (not my step) was more racist then not, I believe she was because my grandfather was. Thankfully, I was more pliable by my dads thoughts and feelings, and he always said “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” My dad loves everyone, no matter who or what they have done in the past. He gives everyone a fair chance, and only discounts them based on how they treat those he loves. And he would never talk poorly of someone, no matter what they may have done. I wish that more people would be like him and have his mind-set. And though I didn’t know my grandparents since they passed before I was born, I can only assume that they were much the same way. Kids learn what they know, whether it’s positive or negative. And when an influential adult is telling a young child stories about an Easter Alligator, or ‘Mud-Sharks’ they are molding minds to continue the hate and spread the negativity. There are more than a few people that I am not very fond of. Not because they are black, or white, or have bad hair, or blue eyes. I mean they may have those attributes, but that’s not the underlying reason. I don’t like them because of what they have done, or how they treat others, not because of physical appearance, and especially not based solely on skin color. Ignorance, maybe, but not skin color.

When Elijah was playing football, I remember him telling me a few different times about some kids at school he heard making comments about some of the coaches, or some of the teams. My first initial thoughts were “What kind of punk kids are these…?” But then I realized that these ‘punk kids’ are more than likely only repeating what they hear their parents, or coaches, talk about. And we all know that kids repeat everything, therefore spreading the hate a little bit more. Not knowing it’s wrong, just saying what you know must be true, because your parents (or coaches, or teachers, or aunts, or uncles, or who ever) said it. By no means am I saying I am innocent here- we all say things we wish we hadn’t in front of our kids. When I hear Elijah giving his opinion of Obama for all the world to hear- that’s me. That’s my opinion, not his. He’s not old enough to really know what going on, and I don’t want him to feel the way he does because I feel the way I do. That makes me no better than anyone else here. Not that I think I am better than anyone else, but that’s not something I want to pass along.

This is NOT the Easter Alligator

This is NOT the Easter Alligator

I think it’s really important to remember a few things here. I’m pretty sure I am not a mud-shark. I could not survive in a puddle of mud. Eww. Plus, I can not breathe under water. Also, if you are going to go hunting for the Easter Alligator, please learn how to run in a zig-zag type fashion. It’s really important. Not because alligators eat black people, but because if they can catch you, they will, and they don’t care WHAT color you are. And if you can’t run in a zig-zag, then find a small child you can throw at them. At least it’ll get the alligator off your back…


5 thoughts on “The Easter Alligator…

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  2. You know – it’s 2013…’s hard to believe that people are still so closed minded. Not to mention passing that BS way of thinking onto poor kids who do NOT need to be taught hate at such a young age.

  3. OH.MY.WORD…this is hilarious! Not the obvious issues of this ‘anonymous’ person, but the ending. I am cracking up over here…Vera too! MWA! ;OD

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