Family Circle, you shouldn’t have…


No really- you shouldn’t have. My sister has a subscription to a magazine, and I can’t tell you what it’s called. Not because it’s classified or secret or anything, but I really just can’t remember. That specific magazine was going out of business, so they sent her a NEW magazine subscription with an extra year added. There are a couple of magazines I subscribe to, and I’d be a little sad if they went out of production. Print? Business? I’m not sure what the correct term is there… If they stopped sending them, that’s not cool. Unless they sent me a new magazine with comparable content. So this is what my sisters preceding subscriber did, which was very thoughtful and considerate of them. I mean, how sweet is that right? Well, normally I would give a resounding yes! Except this is what the magazine looked like what it got to her house yesterday:

Notice it's sealed. Sealed.

Notice it’s sealed. Sealed.


And by sealed, I mean from the factory or wherever they come from.

Apparently no one noticed that 25% of the magazine was missing when they were getting this ready. I mean surely they do quality assurance checks or something, somewhere along the line.

I hope you didn't want to know what Step 1 was...

I hope you didn’t want to know  the title or first half of the article here…


Surely the person who put that flyer, and the envelope with my sis’ info on it, saw the magazine

I don’t understand. Somebody had to have seen this. Somebody put a flyer and an envelope in with the magazine before it was sealed. I mean how lazy does one have to be to see this and ignore it? Clearly they are not fans of Family Circle- otherwise they wouldn’t have let this out looking like that and risking the chance of their readers missing one word of this issue, am I right??


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