Computer Problems…??

This is how I feel!

This is how I feel!

Ok, it’s been a while since I posted here, but I’ve been so crazy busy, I just haven’t had the time! Luckily I was contacted by someone from this site with a guest post, and so now he has saved the day and let me have some content ūüôā¬†I don’t know many people who don’t have computers. And especially all us bloggers, we are on our computers more than we aren’t (or am I the only one?). This post has some GREAT tips on maintaining your¬†computer, and to keep it running smoothly all the time. On his site, there is a wealth of information that will help you to rid your computer of any viruses you may have, and how to prevent any future infections. I know it has helped me when I was¬†infected¬†a couple of times. Now, without further ado, here is my first official guest post, from John:


Preventative Maintenance for your Computer

We all know to have the oil changed in our car but what do we do to keep our computer running like new?  I will be discussing a few things you can do to keep your computing experience pleasant and some great free programs you can use to keep it running smoothly.

First let’s discuss making your computer time more enjoyable.  Most of us spend a good deal of money on our monitor, more memory and even CPU upgrades but the things we use to actually interact with the computer go unnoticed and neglected.  When was the last time you got as new keyboard or mouse?  The new keyboards have many great features like programmable buttons, headphone and USB jacks on them to make it easy to use devices like iPods and they are more comfortable than ever.  What about your mouse?  Is it all sticky and nasty on the bottom?  New mice are smoother due to Teflon pads on the bottom, they fit your hand better to reduce hand strain and they are twice as fast as they used to be meaning you don’t have to move the mouse as far on the desk to move it across your screen.  Less movement means less strain.  You can get a new keyboard and mouse for well under a hundred dollars and it will make your computer time more enjoyable for several years.  You can find some great keyboard deals at my site mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Now let’s talk about some free goodies you should get to keep your computer running smoothly.  The first one is antivirus.  If you don’t have one yet, you can download Avast from my website mentioned below.  Avast is a very good free antivirus program available to home users and is just as good as what you would buy in the store.  It is free to home users in the hopes they like it and recommend the commercial version to their businesses.  Once you have an antivirus program, make sure to keep it updated and run a manual virus scan at least once a week.

The antivirus program will miss some things so it needs a partner.¬† There is a free product made specifically to find the things the antivirus programs don‚Äôt, it is called MalwareBytes.¬† If you don‚Äôt have it yet, download and install it.¬† It works great against the newest forms of ransomware like the FBI virus and the ‚Äúyou have 18 viruses‚ÄĚ pop-up malware.

You also need to keep the windows registry clean.  The registry is like the table of contents for windows and it directs windows to everything on the computer.  If it gets messed up, windows has trouble finding things.  There is a free program called CCleaner that works very well and is perfectly safe.  It will find all the entries left over from programs that you uninstalled and fix any broken entries.

Once you have all these programs up and running, it is time to defrag your hard drive.¬† Your hard drive is like an old record player.¬† It has a disk that spins and an arm that moves across the disk to read the information.¬† As you add more content to files or update programs, the information gets spread across the entire disk.¬† This means in order to run that program the entire disk has to be accessed.¬† A defrag puts all the files together so only one spot on the disk has to be looked at to run the file.¬† You do this by clicking on ‚ÄúMy Computer‚ÄĚ and then finding your hard drive.¬† It should be listed as ‚Äúlocal disk‚ÄĚ.¬† Now right-click on it and select ‚Äúproperties‚ÄĚ at the bottom of the list.¬† Now on the tab of the newest window click on ‚Äútools‚ÄĚ and then look down and click on the defrag box.

You should set up some kind of schedule for computer maintenance.  Personally, I like to run a full scan with my antivirus program and my MalwareBytes program before I go to bed on Monday nights.  I just start both scans, turn off my monitor and go to bed.  The scans will run and later my computer will go into sleep mode to save power.  On Tuesday morning I wake up and shut my computer off.  I run CCleaner once a month and I defrag my hard drive twice a year, January 1st and July 4th which are easy dates to remember.

I hope this helps you get more enjoyment out of your computer time and helps keep your computer running smoothly. For more computer KEYBOARD information, stop by my Best Gaming Keyboard page. There are several keyboard shortcuts and tricks as well as some great deals on some of the coolest keyboards. I also have a Free Virus Scan page with information to help you remove any computer viruses you may have and links to the best free virus removal programs including Malwarebytes and CCleaner that I mentioned above.


“Whose dad?”


That’s what Elijah said this morning when I told him his dad had contacted me yesterday (Those were my thoughts

Said Elijah never...

Said Elijah never…

exactly, but I didn’t tell him that).¬†Usually I’m not one to¬†publicly¬†talk down about him, but sometimes he gives me no choice. He has been around so little the last couple years, that when he does decide to pop in, he does it in such a dumb way. Elijah hasn’t heard from his dad in months. The last time I can clearly remember him talking to him was during football season. He may have called him on his birthday, but I think that he called him last year, not this past one. No card, nothing for Christmas. Yesterday I had seen a comment on my Facebook page from him that said something along the lines about him being ¬†upset because he had called my phone to talk to Elijah and I had hung up on him. He figures I am upset with him, but I should still let him talk to his son. I can’t¬†remember¬†the exact words because I¬†immediately¬†erased it (hello drama!), but seriously? He hasn’t contacted ‘his son’ in months and months, and NOW he wants to get upset because he called once and I didn’t answer? I’m sorry, I think I may have lost my manners. (It’s very possible I did hang up on him. Sometimes when unknown numbers call I will either ignore it, or pick it up and hang up. But, hey idiot, ever heard of redial?? Or leaving a message?) Sometimes I actually feel sorry for him. Like does he actually believe he’s an amazing dad, and “I’m keeping his son from him”? Or that because he calls once every 6 months or so, that makes him awesome? Or because he pays roughly $18 a week in child support, that makes him a stand up guy? I mean, he does come from a completely different world than I do, he may very well think these things. And while that used to (and still sometimes, can’t lie) make me really angry, it also just makes me sad. How is it okay in his head the way he “fathers”? How is not seeing your child on a regular basis not slowly killing you a deadbeatdadquoteslittle bit on the inside? How does it feel knowing you have a child out there living life everyday without you? No talking, no seeing, no playing together. No hugs and kisses every night before bed. No random snuggles. No inside jokes that can make you cry with laughter, while people around you look confused. No special nicknames to call each other. No great memories that you hold dear in your heart. Nothing. As far as Elijah is concerned, he has a dad somewhere out there who doesn’t care enough about him to call. Because if he did, he would (Not things I have said, but Elijah is a smart kid. He’s 11, he comes to his own conclusions now). I warned his dad before, that the more he stays away, the less Elijah is going to want anything to do with him when he does come around.

While my last post about the awesomeness of Elijah’s dad was more¬†angry¬†and tear-driven, this time not so much. I’m a little sad that he thinks how he does. And I’m glad that Elijah isn’t being raised by him. He’s an¬†amazing¬†child, and deserves to have an equally¬†amazing¬†dad. He has plenty of healthy, present male role-models in his life, who care about him a great deal, and aren’t afraid to show it. Elijah and I had a great talk about his dad a few weeks ago, because I was worried that he would think it was somehow his fault his dad wasn’t around. And that would not fly with me at all. He said he sometimes wonders why he isn’t around, or doesn’t call, but not that much anymore. He said he knows it’s not his fault, and that’s all that matters to me. I used to make excuses all the time for his dad, and that wasn’t doing anything but making me resentful. I’ve finally stopped making excuses and just tell him I don’t know when he asks about him. I have no idea why he does what he does, nor do I care. As long as it doesn’t affect my son.

So true

So true



Just so we are clear, it wasn’t the lottery. I don’t often win things. And by often, I mean never. ¬†Although when I was about 9 I won a Precious Moment plate at a party with my mom. That was pretty exciting. What made it even more exciting was I pulled my own name out of the basket. I love to enter drawings to win them, but I never get that call. But I got that call last week. Actually it was an email, but I got it. One of my absolute¬†favorite blogs, Thoughts of a¬†Lunatic,¬†was having a Starbucks giveaway, and I thought what they hey, I’ll give it a try. And so glad I did. Cuz lookie what I got in the mail:



That’s right folks- I won. This is almost better than the lottery, because it’s FREE coffee (or tea, whatever you fancy). ¬†It’s the little things¬†in¬†life that really make you happy. And this is one of those little things. Thanks Loony!

Call Me, Maybe


Sometimes no matter how badly I’d like to write a post, I got nothing. I have nothing to say, nothing to write about. Then I feel like I’m slacking, and then I try harder to think of something to say, and then my head explodes. Well, that’s never actually happened yet, but it totally could (just stay out of the splash zone kids). So to help with that, and avoid potentially large messes,¬†I subscribe to The Daily Post.¬†This was today’s helpful idea:

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

Bonus- he's a cop ;)

Bonus- he’s a cop ūüėČ

I think I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. Most of the time, I keep it right next to me, just in case. Just in case what, I don’t know. I’ve never received that one phone call informing me that I won an all¬†expense¬†paid vacation to Hawaii for life, or from Channing Tatum saying he realizes he truly loves me, and not his amazingly gorgeous preggers wife. Nor have I received a call from my distant relative in Nigeria telling me that my 20 million dollars that was left to me from that one Prince has gone into my account (I totally sent him the $1000 he needed to make that transaction happen. Not sure what the hold up is…). In any case, the phone just never rings from those three. But in all seriousness, I will sometimes hold my phone as I walk from room to room, like a moron. I will go from game to game to game and check Facebook every 8 minutes, because someone might post something amazing (rare). It’s kind of sickening actually, now that I see it in black and white. And then there are some days when I could care less if everyone in my phone book called and texted me; I’d rather put a fork in my eye and twist it then do anything on my phone. I will leave it on silent, and leave it where it may lie- my purse, coat pocket, or in my car. I don’t have the urge to check it, and I just hope that if there were a family emergency, someone would drive to my house, since we all live within 5 minutes of each other. Sometimes as long as I’m with Elijah, I don’t care how many calls I may or may not miss. (And those are usually the days that I miss them- doesn’t it¬†always¬†happen that way?). I don’t care to see someone posting on Facebook every 5 minutes cute little meme’s meant for only one other person, or seeing grown (used loosely here. See how I spelled that right? Loose, not lose) people act like a high¬†school-er¬†for attention or whatever. I don’t care if I don’t play a game for a day or two, or miss an email. I care that Elijah is right there and he wants me to watch him play this game, or he wants quiet reading time together so we can cuddle on the couch, or he wants me to listen to a new song he learned on his trumpet. He won’t always want to cuddle me, or care if I watch him play a game, or want to show me the new notes he learned how to play. He won’t want to follow me from room to room as I do things, “just to talk” (kid totally knows how to melt my heart). And he is more important than any sort of electronic communication I could ever get.

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at

Although, seriously, I wouldn’t mind that¬†Nigerian¬†confirmation call- 20 mill could buy a lot of vacations! ūüôā

He’s JUST like me.

Image courtesy of Photokanok at

Image courtesy of Photokanok at

I apologize all the time, and sometimes even irritate myself with my abundance of apologies. But I’d hate for¬†anyone¬†to be upset with me for any reason, and wanna just nip that in the bud. I am forgetful, and sometimes a little spacey. Often times I am in my own world, and I’m usually happier that way. I love to daydream, and there aren’t many times when I’m not. If I don’t write things down, I’ll forget. Not because I don’t care, but because I truly can NOT remember. My dad always tell me “It’s a good thing your butt’s attached…” And it’s true. Otherwise, I’d forget that too.

Some people live and breathe by the planets and their positions, and what that means for them. Some stay as far away from that stuff as possible. I am somewhere in the middle. While I don’t follow my horoscope, I do know what the Pisces sign says¬†about people born under that time. I happen to be everything a Pisces sign in said to be. For example:

“Pisces are extremely sensitive and loyal. At their truest, they are crystal clear, unselfish, devoted, demanding little, always sacrificing themselves for others. They are easygoing, affectionate, and submissive and offer no threat or challenge to stronger and more exuberant characters. They tend to withdraw into their own dream world as a retreat from the harsh reality of day-to-day living and the inability to cope with real life.”


  • Shy
  • Romantic
  • Trustworthy/Loyal/Devoted
  • Aloof/Dreamy
  • Understanding/Accepting
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive
Image courtesy of farconville at

Image courtesy of farconville at


  • Romance
  • Being loved / wanted
  • Freedom
  • Privacy


  • Noise
  • Crowds
  • Tight spaces
  • Confrontations/fighting
  • Revealing private life

If you aren’t lucky enough to know me in the ‘real world’, then just know that you do now.

I have always known that Elijah was more me than his dad (thank God. He did get his looks from his dad, but everything else he got from me). He is constantly¬†forgetting¬†things the second I say something to him. He can walk right past his winter coat when there is a¬†blizzard¬†raging outside and act surprised when I tell him he needs it. He is forever off in his own land, and can get lost in a book just as quickly as I can (which I love). This past week though, it really got to me. I’m sure my extra annoyance at some of his traits are due to several factors that I will not get into right now, but Tuesday morning I was annoyed beyond belief. And then I thought “I¬†wonder¬†if this is how people around me feel about me?!?” The “Oh, I forgot” and “I’m sorry” and “Oops! Forgot” grated under my skin so bad I thought my head might explode. And I’m pretty sure I couldn’t recover from that. He is me but in male form. Aloof, dreamy, forgetful, sensitive, every single trait that I added¬†above, Elijah is. (However much unlike me, he is quite the social butterfly. I would rather be at home alone watching a movie or reading a book. He on the other hand would rather be the center of¬†attention¬†at a party, or be surrounded by his friends). I don’t know if it’s because he forgets things so much that annoys me, or the fact I was hoping he’d be different than me that¬†irritates¬†me. Surely I can’t be annoyed that he is a little¬†ditzy¬†at times (really aren’t we all at some point or¬†another?). We can’t all GET everything all the time now can we? I haven’t quite figured out the why or how of why I’m ridiculously annoyed by his being just like me, but I am.